The Michael Resort, which is located at Gunung Salak Endah Tourism Park Bogor

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The Michael Resort, which is located at Gunung Salak Endah Tourism Park, Bogor, is like a small and well managed forest of 2,7 hectare area of thousand of originated Indonesian trees and flower.There are only a few villas in the resort which takes only less than 10% from the whole area. This has been designed to build a nature conservatory as also supporting the government ‘Go Green’ movement.We also try to build the bio-diversity of trees originated from Indonesia in order to conserve and inherit them to our grandchildren in the future

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The villa’s interior is designed with the touch of classical and luxurious style. Be an art lover while you enjoy the beauty of an artistic wooden bar, classical dining room, naturalist paintings, and enjoy the comfortable classical living room and luxurious bedrooms



Jodiemazel Restaurant. Indulge yourself in an authentic Indonesian cuisine at our restaurant. Contact us for more details on menu and special packages



Get the best meeting package offer in our resorts. Minimum 20 persons, Accommodation, Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and coffee break), Meeting room. Additional Packages: Barbecue, Live music, Film shooting and Documentation Sound system

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One of the main benefits of CBD gummies for sleep is that they are non-habit forming. Unlike prescription sleeping pills, you don’t have to worry about becoming addicted to CBD gummies. They are also non-addictive, so you can take them as needed without developing a dependence on them Another benefit of how to get a medical marijuanas card in wa if approved.